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Coke, the solid carbonaceous material obtained from destructive distillation of low-ash, low-sulphur bituminous coal. Coke contains about 98% of coal and is derived from coal by removal of moisture and other volatile matter from it. Natural coke is formed by metamorphism from bituminous coal when intrusive igneous rock cuts across a vein of coal.

However, there is another type of coke known as Petroleum coke that is formed by a solid residue left over in the cracking process in oil refinement.

The most substantial properties of coke are ash and sulphur content, which rely on the coal used for production. Coke with less ash and sulphur content is highly priced on the market. Other important characteristics are the M10, M25, and M40 test crush indexes, which fetches the strength of coke during transportation into the blast furnaces. The water content in coke is practically zero at the end of the coking process, but coke is often water quenched to reduce its temperature so that it can be transported inside the blast furnaces. The porous structure of coke absorbs some water, usually 3-6 % of its mass. In some more modern coke plants an advanced method of coke cooling is by air quenching.

Due to the deepening of world oil-related energy situation in the current years, forms of fuel derived from coal are getting even more important. Coke, similar to properties of gasoline can produce a high temperature from relatively small physical volumes exposing to them with the new uses outside industrial settings at the consumer level. Since coke contains high levels of chemical to heat energy potentials, coke is an interestingly interesting energy source.

As per the Global Market report of IEA, the top 5 major producers of coking coal are China, Australia, Russian Fed, US and Indonesia while the major 5 consumers includes China, Japan, Korea, Indian and Europe which in turn opening new horizon of coke market in India.


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